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Budapest Airport attends Shanghai logistics forum

BBJ Friday, June 9, 2017, 11:43

Hungary and Budapest Airport may play a leading role in further expanding economic cooperation between China and Central and Eastern Europe, states a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal by the operator of Ferenc Liszt International Airport, after attending a Hungarian-Chinese Logistics Forum in Shanghai.

Pictured left to right: J?zsef Kossuth, cargo development manager, and Ren? Droese, property director of Budapest Airport, with Szil?rd Bolla, Consul General in Shanghai, and Zolt?n Ill?s, CEO of postal services firm Magyar Posta. (Photo: Budapest Airport)

This was the main message at the economic forum held recently under the sponsorship of the Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai, with the participation of a series of key players, ranging from the postal services of the two countries, to cargo airlines, logistics and e-commerce operators.

Just two weeks after the “New Silk Road” summit in Beijing in mid-May, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “One Belt, One Road” concept is being transformed into reality in Shanghai, according to the press release. The Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai organized the logistics forum with the participation of high-ranking Hungarian government officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Ministry of National Development, the latter in charge of transport and logistics, as well as a host of trade companies and e-commerce enterprises. Speakers at the forum emphasized the great opportunities for Chinese companies to reach out to the CEE region through Hungary and Budapest Airport.

The operator of Ferenc Liszt International Airport has been actively seeking contacts with the most important players in the Shanghai region of China for the past three years, according to the press release. Budapest Airport has established contacts and has stepped into a written cooperation agreement with Ningbo International Airport, to enhance trade and commerce between the two regions. Unlike many airports in the EU, Budapest Airport claims to have ample room for developing cargo operations[1], both in runway capacity and airport land available for logistics developments.

It noted that two major logistics bases will be handed over to TNT and DHL Express near Terminal 1 this summer, while preparations have started for building a Cargo City near Terminal 2 for dedicated cargo airline operations. “We initiated this logistics forum to introduce the opportunities in Hungary and especially at Budapest Airport to large, market-leading Chinese logistics companies, like Alibaba. They export lots of cargo to Central and Eastern Europe and we would like to partner them in regional distribution,” said Ren?

Droese, property director for Budapest Airport, in charge of cargo development.

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