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Cargo vessel forced to dock after captain allegedly insulted Erdogan in radio conversation

A Panamanian-flagged vessel was forced to dock by the Turkish coast guard while it was sailing through the Dardanelles on Thursday after its Turkish captain allegedly insulted President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an in radio communication, Turkish media reported. According to a story on the CNN T?rk website, the dry cargo vessel Salix was stopped after the TurkishVessel Traffic Service (VTS) informed the coast guard that its captain had insulted Erdo?an in a radio conversation. The VTS reported to the coast guard that Turkish captain O.B. was allegedly heard speaking about Erdo?an in an insulting way.

Subsequently, the coast guard ordered the captain to hand his duties over to the chief mate and to dock the ship on the north coast of Bozcaada (Tenedos Island). CNN T?rk also said the captain, who was reportedly intoxicated, was questioned by a prosecutor after the vessel dropped anchor. In a statement on Thursday, Ramazan Y?lmaz, head of the port authority of ?anakkale province, said legal action has been launched against the captain in response to the information passed on to him by VTS officials, the report said.

This article originally appeared in Turkish Minute on June 8.[1]


  1. ^ This article originally appeared in Turkish Minute on June 8. (www.turkishminute.com)

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