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Delta, AeroMéxico launch cargo JV – ch-aviation

Delta Air Lines[1] (DL, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson[2]) and AeroM?xico[3] (AM, M?xico City[4]) have unveiled a cargo joint cooperation agreement (JCA) that aims to improve cargo operations in the transborder market between the United States and Mexico. The North American duo said in a joint statement the JCA will allow customers to work with either carrier to transport cargo across a broad network of flights and joint trucking options. Developments are also underway to integrate technologies creating a seamless experience for their customers.

The two companies will also be able to implement joint sales and marketing initiatives in both countries. “Aerom?xico and Delta as partners have the largest, more comprehensive and expanding air cargo network in the U.S.-Mexico market,” Rafael Figueroa, CEO Aerom?xico Cargo, said. “Now by delivering outstanding quality service and innovative commercial and logistics solutions we will definitely bring extensive value to the industry and to our customers.” At present, Delta and AeroM?xico Cargo have co-located warehouses in M?xico City[5], Boston[6], New York JFK[7], Miami Int’l[8], San Francisco, CA[9], and Chicago O’Hare[10], with facilities at Orlando Int’l[11] and Detroit Metropolitan[12] opening later this summer.

Delta and AeroM?xico currently transport varied cargo products in the US-Mexico transborder market.

From the US, turbine parts, medical equipment, auto, perishables and aircraft parts are some of the key products shipped to Mexico.

In the reverse direction tequila, medical equipment and aircraft/auto parts are carried.


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