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Embraer will export cargo planes to Portugal

Brazilian aviation giant Embraer has entered negotiations with the Portuguese government[1]. The company is going to export five units of the KC-390 tanker transport aircraft to Portugal. This will the first export deal for the cargo model.

The cost of each ship is an estimated £80 million. Embraer’s contract with the European country also includes the option to buy an extra unit and a flight simulator. The deal is important since it could lead to other deals with NATO members.

Germany, for example, has also shown interest in buying the KC-390. The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer will present the new model at the Paris Air Show, next week. From France, the plan to go on a sales tour in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand.

Currently, the airplane is being tested in Sweden. Embraer has a partnership with Saab, known for making the Gripen fighter jets. The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has already placed an order for 28 KC-390 units.

FAB has also invested 5 billion BRL in the project.

Corruption scandals around the world

The deal with Portugal is good news for Embraer. The company has been accused of paying bribes in Brazil and the U.S.[2] Last year, the manufacturer struck plea deals with the American and Brazilian governments to end investigations. In return, the aviation giant paid £206 million in fines[3] and pleaded guilty.

The world’s third-largest company in the sector had been under investigation 2010. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Embraer has made over £83 million in profits as a result of bribery payments.

Investigations into Embraer began after a Dominican Republic contract raised suspicions. The probe then expanded to deals with eight other countries, including India and Saudi Arabia. In May 2015, the Brazilian manufacturer launched discussions with the U.S.

Department of Justice for a possible deal. The profits dropped 65% in 2016. But Embraer’s CEO is optimistic. In a recent interview[4], Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva said the company has “turned the page.”

In fact, he announced that Embraer has managed to capture more than £5 billion in bonus titles.


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