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Inform Readies for Unmanned Delivery

TOS optimization solutions provider Inform has released a blog advising the logistics industry to respond to the recent surge of investment in robotiziation and unmanned trucks with innovation.

Logistics companies Amazon, Google, DPD, and UPS, have already put the logistics industry on track for robotiziation by investing in its development, Inform said. This is a signal to the logistics and transport industry to start preparing systems, processes, and people for such devices. Parcel logistics in particular are set to use autonomous technologies including drones, delivery robots, self-driving cars, and driverless trucks.

Small parcels of 2.5kg can be delivered on demand through aerial drones, for example. But the real benefit of autonomous technologies lies not in their ability to fit within the current distribution model, but rather to reshape it, said Inform. Collectively, robots and unmanned vechiles present an opportunity to parcel operators to innovate new services that permanently change how consumers interact with commerce markets.

Aerial drones could follow individualized routes that are free of the rigidities and inefficiencies of the logistics supply chain, and allow improved customer scheduling. Inform posits a future where robots transport packages far larger than 2.5kg, which could completely reshape traditional logistics networks. Self-driving truck commercialization has recently raced ahead with the 2015 licensing for operation of an autonomous truck in the US by Daimler.

Inform said: “In the future, self-driving technologies will move from trucks into vans and eventually to cars. As this happens, more and more parcel delivery vehicles will transition from manned to unmanned. “This adds to the ability of parcel operators to run 24/7 operations that aren’t dependent on human appropriate working hours.

Autonomous vehicles will further enable the other technologies noted above, particularly drones and robots further expanding their effective ranges from their primary depots and parcel operators flexibility to continuously respond to market conditions with mini “pop-up depots”.

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