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International Airlines Reviewing Logistics of Laptop Ban

The international airline industry – critical of laptop bans – is rushing to review the security risks of electronic devices as the United States considers expanding limited bans already in place, USA Today reported Monday.[1] Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, head of the International Civil Aviation Organization – which sets international policies for the industry – told airline executives at an International Air Transport Association meeting a task force would present its findings in November. But governments still have to choose whether to adopt those policies, the news outlet noted.

The United States and U.K. have some bans in place – and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is considering expanding a laptop ban[2] to all flights from Europe – or perhaps worldwide. Alexandre de Juniac, CEO of the transport association, called Monday for governments to find alternatives to a ban, USA Today reported. “There is a clear duty for governments to make sure that the measures are logical, effective and efficient,” de Juniac said, the outlet reported. “That is not the case with the current PED (personal electronic devices) ban.

And it must change.”

“In the short-term, these include more intense screening at the gate and skills training,” de Juniac said. “In the medium-term, faster and more advanced explosive detection technology is the solution to evolving bomb threats.”


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