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More moves for PCN members

June 8 – Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo, a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in the Philippines, has transported a kiln shell from Croatia to the Philippines, with assistance from TransOcean Shipping, PCN member in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia. The kiln shell was loaded on to a 40 ft out-of-gauge (OOG) flatrack and a 20 ft general purpose container at Slavonski Brod in Croatia, and transported to Kroper, Slovenia for shipping to the Port of Cebu.

PCN - Nonpareil first pic.jpg In a separate project, Nonpareil, in cooperation with Indian PCN member Procam Logistics, German member Intertransport Gruber and Freja Transport & Logistics, member in Denmark, Finland and Norway, delivered equipment for a maintenance shutdown in the Philippines.

The project, which began in December 2016, involved the shipment of equipment to the Port of Cebu from India, China, Germany and Denmark. In total, 22, 40 ft OOG flatracks, ten 40 ft high cube containers, twelve 40 ft general purpose containers, and three 20 ft standard containers were used in the project.

PCN - Nonpareil and others.jpg Polish member, Scandinavian Express has transported a steel footbridge measuring 36.3 m long and 4.49 m wide from Bialystok, Poland to the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI).

The bridge will be used for durability and crash-test research before being destroyed.

PCN Scandinavian Expresslow.jpg Meanwhile, Sadleirs Global Logistics, PCN member in Australia, oversaw the unloading of a subsea spread at Henderson Port in Western Australia, which required numerous lifts in excess of 90 tonnes each.

PCN - Sadleirs.JPG German PCN member PrimoCargo has handled the shipment of power plant equipment from Hamburg to Altamira, Mexico.

The shipment consisted of a total of 89 units, including a breakbulk piece which weighed 70 tonnes, seven 40 ft high cube containers, a 40 ft flatrack and a 40 ft open-top container.

PCN-PrimoCargo.jpg Dacotrans de Centro America, a member in Honduras, transported four gas propane motors, weighing 137 tonnes each and measuring 13.11 m x 3.34 m x 5.03 m, from Finland to Roat?n, Honduras, for Roat?ns Electric Company (RECO).

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