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NOBLE JUMP 17 – Dutch Train in Voila Station

Friday 2nd June, the first train carrying military material to NATO exercise Noble Jump 2017 stopped in Voila train station, around 11:00. This main rail train coming from Sibiu provides terrain vehicles and containers for Dutch troops. Composed of 25 wagons, the train of 550 meters long provides 6 Volkswagen AMARAK Jeeps, 2 Ambulances, 4 Land Rovers, 5 Trucks SCANIA with flat racks and 15 containers.

Lieutenant-Colonel Bogdan PASCAL from Romanian Movement Coordination Center oversees the logistical part of the convoy. “NOBLE JUMP 17 gives us the opportunity to check our train capability. It is a warm up before the next exercise in Romania, starting mid June”. Once unloaded, each train convoy is followed by a road convoy, escorted by Romanian Military Police, until the training area in Cincu, 11 kilometers further.
Later in the afternoon, a second Dutch train is expected.

The main body of Dutch contingent arrives by air the day after in Sibiu airport with the arrival of 133 soldiers more. Journalists: Eloise ROSSI and Dennis TAPPE SHOT-LIST

00:00:00:00 (Helmet camera) Dutch unit soldier doing mechanical work.
00:00:04:00 (Helmet camera) Dutch unit soldier puts away the shims of a vehicle.
00:00:08:10 (Helmet camera) Dutch soldier jumping in his truck.
00:00:13:05 (Helmet camera) Dutch soldier driving his truck.
00:00:18:04 (CU) Soldier dropping shims from tires.
00:00:21:18 (CU) Dutch soldier fixing the bridge between two Train wagons.
00:00:26:15 (CU) Truck crossing the bridge between two wagons.
00:00:34:24 (CU) Warrant officer 1st class Rank of Dutch soldier Rob Tromp.
00:00:38:22 (CU) Vertical shot from feet to chest to Dutch soldier.
00:00:43:04 (CU) Symbol coy of Movement Command Netherlands.
00:00:45:19 (CU) Land Rover Jeep crossing the bridge between two wagons.
00:00:50:15 (WS) Side of Land Rover Jeep crossing the bridge between two wagons.
00:00:55:14 (Time Laps) Dutch Unit unloading military Jeep from a Romanian train.
00:01:03:04 (WS) Train arriving in Voila Station
00:01:08:04 (MS) Train rolling carrying on military containers.
00:01:12:09 (WS) Train arriving in Voila Station
00:01:17:03 (WS) Train moving along the rail.
00:01:21:11 Pano of Voila train station.
00:01:26:11 (WS) Scania Truck posted on a train.
00:01:28:12 (WS) Dutch soldier giving guidance to a truck driving back.
00:01:32:02 (MS) Crane lift arm.
00:01:37:03 (MS) Scania truck crossing a bridge between two wagons.
00:01:41:17 SOUNDBITES (Dutch) Warrant Officer 1st Class Rob TROMP in charge of train unloading, and member of movement command in Netherlands. “Today we will unload two trains. First one is standing right next to me.

These are several kind of vehicles where the troops go on exercise.” (Interviewer question) “We have 5 Volkswagen AMAROKs, light terrain vehicles, after that we have 3 Land Rovers, 5 SCANIA container handling trucks, we can use them for carrying flatrack or containers who also on these trains.

We will unload these trains together with the unit, then they can use it for the exercise”

00:02:22:18 (MS) Stand up interview of Warrant officier 1st Class Rob TROMP in charge of train unloading, and member of movement command in Netherlands.

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