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Swedish Port Park Offers Logistics Facility

Swedish real estate company Castellum has broken ground on a facility available at the new Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park.

Castellum on June 9, 2017 held a groundbreaking ceremony prior to starting construction on the new logistics facility. Castellum is building purely on speculation and is looking for tenants for the facility. Its new facility will have a total floor space of 26,000 square metres, will be environmentally certified, and will be constructed with rooftop solar panels in mind.

It marks the first phase in Castellum’s investment at the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park. Currently under development, the Port of Gothenburg Logistics Park is located just 10 minutes from the quayside. Of the 127,000 square metres of land, around 60,000 are currently slated for construction.

Apart from Gothenburg Port Authority – which owns the largest parcel of land – Bockasj?, Eklandia, NCC and Prologis are also developing properties in the park. Around half of the one million square metres of land will be transformed into warehousing space. Stefan Vilhelmsson,Lletting Manager for Castellum said: “This is a prime location beside the largest port in Scandinavia and we are confident about building without having a tenant lined up.

“We are constructing an adaptable, ultramodern logistics facility that can be divided into smaller units, ranging from 6,000 square metres upwards.

Our offer is flexible and there’s the opportunity to adapt the space based on the needs of each tenant.”

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