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Turkish products flying off shelves in Qatari markets

Turkey’s delivery of food aid to Qatar since Arab countries cut diplomatic relations with the country continues with three Turkish Airlines (THY) cargo planes making deliveries per day. Shipments ordered by President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an are being made in coordination with Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci. Qatari market chains announced on social media that daily food products from Turkey such as milk, yogurt and chicken were now on store shelves with written signs indicating the products are “from Turkey by air.”

Market employees reported that Turkish products are in high demand, and all food supplies can be found in most of the supermarkets across Qatar. “Everything is fine in Qatar; we are now buying Turkish products. Turkey and Qatar are setting a good example on how relations between countries should be,” a Qatari lawyer, Suheyl Awad, said as he bought a carton of milk for his son.

Turkey has so far provided food support to Qatar, which is having a hard time due to the blockade led by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt, with 15 aircraft departing from the ?zmir Adnan Menderes Airport. The food aid, which is being delivered to eliminate possible food and water shortages in the country targeted by the recent sanctions, is entering its fifth day. While the first phase of the food shipments to Qatar included milk and dairy products, no official statement has been released regarding the total amount of foodstuff sent to date.

An economic size of TL 5 million (£1.41 million) has been reached in the shipments, which even include daily dairy products, over a five-day period.

Given the cargo carrying capacity of THY’s A-330 cargo aircraft up to 65 tons, it is reported that Turkey has exported approximately 1,000 tons of food products to Qatar.

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