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UPS Opens Facility in Poland as Part of $2 Billion Europe Expansion

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UPS Inc.[1] has announced the opening of a new package facility in Myslowice, Poland. The larger center and increased sorting capacity will allow the service to help businesses of all sizes in southern Poland reach customers in the rest of the country, Europe and beyond, according to a UPS release. “Poland is an important market for UPS, and in the first quarter of this year we grew our export volume by more than 20%,” Pavel Adamovsky, country manager for UPS Poland, said in the release.

UPS ranks No.

1 on the Transport Topics Top 100 list[2] of the largest U.S. and Canadian for-hire carriers. The 118,402-square-foot package center is equipped with a conveyor belt system that can sort up to 6,000 packages per hour. The building also will accommodate parking for 170 package cars.

More than 100 people will work in the building, which will include a new customer call center. The facility replaces a 34,229-square-foot package facility in Katowice. Myslowice was selected as the location because of its proximity to business distribution centers that serve the whole country as well as the Katowice airport, where UPS has invested in additional air cargo capacity.

As of April 3, Katowice connects to UPS’European air hub in Cologne by a 737-300 jet operated by ASL Airlines. This aircraft provides UPS a 25% increase in cargo capacity over the two daily turboprop aircraft it replaced. “UPS has embarked on a £2 billion investment program in Europe,”Daniel Carrera, president of UPS East Europe, said in the release. “We’re now faster from Poland to the rest of Europe, and we offer earlier guaranteed Express deliveries across Poland.”

In November 2016, UPS announced an expansion of Express services to 25,000 postal codes across Poland, offering earlier time-definite deliveries.

Furthermore, UPS opened a £20 million package sorting facility in Stryk?w and a business services center in L?dz in September 2015.

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