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Overhaul Reinvents the On-Demand World of the Trucking Industry …


Overhaul launched their web platform and mobile app today, the next generation online marketplace for the trucking industry designed to address the needs of Owner Operator carriers and shippers moving higher value, more sensitive cargo. The uberization of trucking concept connects the needs of premium shippers to trusted professional drivers and operators eliminating the need to connect through third parties.

Overhaul s founders are seasoned executives in the security and logistics industry. With Overhaul, trusted drivers can thrive in an environment they get to design for themselves. We provide a secure method for shippers to move cargo with recognized and trusted drivers at our foundation, said Barry Conlon, CEO of Overhaul. Conlon has over thirty years of experience as a dedicated supply chain security professional. He facilitated the growth of FreightWatch into the Fortune 500 entity of innovative, supply chain security solutions known today and intends to do the same for Overhaul in the commercial transportation industry.

The Overhaul team will leverage its extensive network of contacts to line up higher end shippers and trusted owner operators (representing 91% of the US transportation fleet) in advance of the online marketplace launch mid-year. Overhaul s proprietary technology, with advanced safety and security features, and managed logistics services guarantees a secure move that will satisfy enterprise-level customers. Ultimately, resulting in increased visibility and security for sensitive and time-critical cargo at a reduced cost for shippers. Operators will benefit from the opportunity to build relationships with shippers while improving their cash flow based on performance criteria during the haul .

Overhaul will participate at the SXSWi Expo to inform industry leaders, investors and the public about its capabilities and how they are reinventing the transportation industry to positively impact drivers and shippers lives and businesses. To learn more about Overhaul, visit www.over-haul.com1.

About Overhaul

Overhaul is the next generation of the uber for trucking concept, launching in 2016 as the first trusted online marketplace for the Commercial Trucking Industry. Overhaul will provide premium shippers unique visibility and full confidence their cargo is in reliable hands, while giving trusted, professional drivers the right tools to maximize capacity, increase earnings and grow their business. Find out how Overhaul is driving costs down and removing roadblocks from within the transportation industry at over-haul.com

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Mar 10, 2016


I import from China and I just received a container of products. I personally know the delivery driver.
We had a considerable delay because he had to drive 65 miles to get a container chassis from Maersk Line. This is unheard of because they always have a lot of chassis at the Chicago rail head. I asked him what was up because it is not peak volume time for anyone.

The delivery driver is part of a company that also imports a lot of products. I asked if they were experiencing any shipping problems out of China (because we have had issues). He said they had a container waiting for 7 weeks because Maersk had cancelled 35 sailings. I know the world economy is bad but 35 sailings is a lot.

Keep up the good work. God Bless and protect you and your family -SECOND REPORT Steve, I have a Trucking Company currently running 7 trucks. The rates out
here are half of what they were a year ago. Not going to be around much
longer if things keep going the way that they are.
Also, friend of a neighbor sitting in Houston, TX for last 5 days and says
there is not a single ship in port. I can t verify this myself. Thanks

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Worst Trucker in the World: Thanks, FMCSA | Running Lights

First let me say: No one who is impaired by alcohol or illegal drugs (or even prescription meds or over-the-counter cough syrup) has any business operating a vehicle truck, car, bike or boat. (And don t get me started on texting and driving, or adjusting the rearview mirror to apply makeup, or holding the steering wheel with your knees while trying to eat a chili dog without making a mess.)

I say this to make it clear that I am in no way making excuses for the California-licensed truck driver the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently declared to be an imminent hazard1 to public safety and ordered not to operate any commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce.

Indeed, his record includes a long series of positive drug tests and, just last month while driving a commercial vehicle even though FMCSA had disqualified him in June 2015, he ran his truck off the road. Then he failed to report for his employer-mandated post-crash drug and alcohol test.

My first thought was this case clearly qualifies for the ongoing Worst Trucker in the World (WTITW) sweepstakes.

For those unfamiliar, WTITW is a rip off of an old Keith Olbermann shtick. But rather than lampooning politicians or celebrities, I pass along misbehavior that s so egregious, brazen and or just plain dumb that it makes headlines in the broader media. And those sorts of reports, while often completely mischaracterizing the trucking industry and the many, many truly professional drivers, do nonetheless make everyone look bad. In short, the Worst Trucker is a person who serves to educate and inspire by counter-example.

But in googling around, I found no coverage of this event or the FMCSA announcement outside of a few trucking media mentions. So that s good we can keep the incident in the family. But even so, there s the obvious lesson: Don t do drugs and drive truck.

However, there a several more subtle points I d like to make. First, the occasional FMCSA announcement pertaining to individual drivers has always bothered me for several reasons: Why this guy? Are there others? But if there are indeed only a handful of drivers each year declared to be a hazard to safety, shouldn t there more? Otherwise, isn t picking on this truck driver kind of mean, coming from a federal agency? But that could just be me. (As an old newspaper editor, I know the police reports are widely read but I always found their popularity creepy, especially those local weekly magazines that publish the latest jail mugshots.)

Or maybe FMCSA is just posting a select sample from a problem area in trucking that the safety watchdog is vigilantly addressing self-promotion that s somewhat understandable. For instance, in the latest batch of announcements, we learn FMCSA caught a drug testing service that was making up its results2. Noteworthy.

But the problem in using the California driver as an example is trucking s drug and alcohol violation rate has been at less than 1% for three straight years. In fact, the agency just lowered the random testing requirement rate3 from 50% to 25%. So if FMCSA is suggesting there s a significant drug problem that needs looking after, the agency is off the mark. And carriers deserve credit for an excellent record of self-policing.

Most carriers, anyway. And I note that in this instance, even though the driver is named, the company that hired him despite his history of drug use and FMCSA sanctions is not. Maybe an investigation is underway, or a fine is in the works.

But suppose the company didn t know the driver s drug history through no fault of its own. Suppose the driver managed to get another job because the holes in state-to-state drug history records are big enough to drive a semi through. MAP-21, the old highway bill, required the creation of a central database for positive test results for CDL holders by Oct. 1, 2014. The current projected publication date is this June.

Simply, if FMCSA wants to help the industry do something about those very few truck drivers with drug problems, the agency should focus on publishing a good clearinghouse rule rather than press releases.


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