Three-year-old Paw Patrol fan drives truck along busy A-road to get help after his father had a seizure


Stefan Snowden told police: 'Daddy was poorly'

Thursday, 19th December 2019, 9:00 pm Stefan Snowden took to a main road on his toy truck to raise the alarm (Photo: John Aron/Media Lincs) A three-year-old boy sprang into action after his father experienced a seizure at home, hopping into his Paw Patrol truck and travelling a quarter of a mile along a busy A-road to get help, according to reports.

Stefan Snowden, from Twenty, Lincolnshire, made his way along the A151 as fellow drivers swerved to avoid the unlikely road user until a motorist stopped her van and parked it across the road to prevent a collision. A second woman looked after Stefan in her home while the van driver attempted to find out where the young boy lived. Carla Neve, Stefan's mother, had been out running an errand when Marc Snowden collapsed and her son made his exit.

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"Marc suffers from epilepsy.

He was on the sofa and loses consciousness when he has a seizure. Stefan knows how to get out of the front door and must have gone to get his truck," Ms Neve told The Daily Mail.

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To the rescue

"He was definitely going for help.

When we spoke to the police Stefan said 'Daddy was poorly'," she added.

Following the incident Inspector Rachel Blackwell, from Lincolnshire Police, confirmed that Mr Snowden was "doing fine" and said the family was " so thankful" to the two "amazing people" who stepped in to help Stefan.

Mr Snowden said of his son: "We are so proud of him".

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