Transport minister appeals to road users to be responsible

TRANSPORT minister John Mutorwa this morning urged road users to be responsible when using national roads this festive season. He said, during the festive season, the roads are busy and everyone is in rush to get to their destination and this in turn leads to the rising accident rates over the festive season. "The government, through the transport ministry would like to appeal to all road users to make an extra effort in fully complying with the road rules and laws.

We apply the rule of law as a state. We need to remind ourselves occasionally that all activities of the country are ruled by law," he said. The minister further said enforcing the road laws is a collaborative effort between the different road and traffic agencies, with an end goal to save lives.

"Without the law enforcement agencies, we can not ensure that these rules and regulations are applied.

I would thus like to thank you for your efforts," Mutorwa noted.

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