New air transport rules include up to $1K compensation for delayed or cancelled flights

Scott Streiner, Chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency, said in a statement that the new rights enshrined in the regulations are taking effect just in time for the peak air travel season. "Passengers now have a clear, comprehensive set of rights that will help ensure fair treatment when they travel by air - whether they're flying from, to or within this vast country," he said. The provisions are a part of the second phase of implementation of the regulations. Also effective on Dec.

15, the Transportation Information Regulations were likewise amended, governing the collection and publication of air travel performance data. These measures aim to gauge the effectiveness of the new APPR. "This added level of transparency and more widely available information will allow travelers to make more informed choices and decisions to improve the passenger experience," said Minister of Transport Marc Garneau[1] in a statement.

On July 15, the first phase of the APPR was implemented.

Those provisions pertained to lost or damaged baggage and communication, transportation of musical instruments, denied boarding and tarmac delays.

If airlines fail to comply with these regulations, they can be penalized by an amount as high as £25,000 for each infraction.


  1. ^ said Minister of Transport Marc Garneau (

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