Support services for road transport

TfL wishes to procure the services of a technology supplier to provide and maintain enabling technology in support of vehicle, driver and operator licensing and inspection services. The system created in respect of TfL needs shall be used by TfL and other suppliers in the day to day operations supporting TfL’s customers in the taxi and private hire (TPH) trade. The services to be provided may include the hosting of the system, which will be determined during dialogue as set out in more detail in the procurement documents.

The technology solution shall deal with all elements of administering the licensing function and related back office functions and TPH on street enforcement. The system shall act as a central repository for data relating to the licensing function. The delivery of the services under the Lot 1 contract will include ensuring that the system integrates with different parts of the licensing service and is available for use by TfL and other suppliers.

The services will also include general administration (records, bookings, personal detail processing), applications and on street enforcement functions. Working with the successful supplier through detailed design it is TfL’s intention to create a web first approach to taxi/private hire vehicle licensing and vehicle inspection booking that provides customers with simple, intuitive self-service experience leading to effective channel shift away from traditional communication methods. The supplier will act as the lead integrator of the services throughout the term of the agreement and the supplier shall also maintain the service system and all training materials and continually engage with TfL and other suppliers to maintain and improve operational delivery of the services.

The timescale to deliver a fully tested and accepted system for the operational phase is a major driver for the transition phase of the project. The transition phase is anticipated to last a maximum of 20 months however TfL wish to dialogue this with bidders. Additional services

In accordance with Regulation 72(1) of the Public Contract Regulations 2015 TfL reserve the right to include the following additional services as options through the term of the agreement.

For the full scope of the additional services please see Schedule 2.2C of the contract.

Compliance and enforcement handheld/mobile solution, printing of documentation and licence materials and scanning services.

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