Renault Trucks, Carlsberg ink electric trucks deal

Renault Trucks says it is taking a critical step in the transformation of urban transport, signing an agreement with brewer Carlsberg Group to deliver electric trucks in Sweden. The 20 electric 26-tonne trucks, which will be delivered this year, will be operated by the Feldschlosschen Brewery, Carlsberg's Swiss subsidiary. The move, according to the Volvo Group-owned car manufacturer, is part of its strategy to move towards electric mobility to improve quality of life in city centres and tackle global carbon emissions.

This as this week, the UK government announced plans to bring forward a ban on new diesel and petrol vehicle sales, moving its goalposts from 2040, to 2035. Volvo Group says it wants a quarter of its vehicle sales in Europe to be plug-in hybrids, a mission that seeks to contribute towards the European Union's latest carbon emissions reduction legislation, to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030. "The 20 trucks are the first order of this scale in Europe," says Bruno Blin, president of Renault.

"This proves to our customers that the transport sector is undergoing a major transformation and reflects an industrial and commercial reality: our Renault Trucks electric trucks are rolling off the assembly line and will be on the roads of Europe in a few weeks' time." The electric trucks are equipped with a 200kWh battery, and a range of up to 200km. They will make daily delivery rounds of between 100km and 200km to supply Feldschlosschen Swiss clients from the brewer's 15 logistical sites in Switzerland.

News of the deal between Renault and Carlsberg comes months after the brewer said it is on a mission to cut its carbon emissions, having achieved a 30% reduction since 2015, and secured 56% of its electricity from renewable energy sources. In 2018, Renault Trucks unveiled its second generation of all-electric vehicles to keep pacewith the changing face of urban transport. "For the past 10 years, we have been field-testing electric trucks with our customer-partners, in order to garner information about usage, battery behaviour, charging facilities and specific maintenance requirements," says Renault Trucks in a statement.

Last month, Volvo Buses signed a distribution deal to deliver 60 electrified buses with bus transport group Nobina, which are expected to enter service in Swedish city Malmo next year.

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