Road rule quiz involving cyclists sparks furious debate


Confusing road rule quiz sparks furious debate - and a barrage of fury aimed at cyclists

  •  A diagram posted to Facebook prompted users to test their road rule knowledge
  •  The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads asked about bicycles
  •  Users debated on the correct rules for cyclists and the problems they can cause




A quiz designed to test Australians' knowledge of rules surrounding the use of shared paths instead sparked a barrage of fury aimed at cyclists.  

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads uploaded the quiz to its Facebook page, showing a cyclist riding on a path to the right of pedestrians.  

'Should the bike rider be riding on the right hand side of the path?' the quiz was captioned.  

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads posted a confusing road diagram to their Facebook page and asked users if they knew the correct laws relating to cyclists 

Commenters were quick to joke about rules involving cyclists, with one saying: 'Yes, they can do whatever they like (protected species).'  

'The cyclist should ring their bell on approach, and hope the pedestrians can hear it over the engine noise from vehicles travelling too fast for the conditions,' another joked.

Others took a more serious approach to the quiz.

One user said: 'No, according to your rules, they must be on the inside of the foot path.'  

'If the cyclist if overtaking the person with the orange shirt, then you would overtake on the right hand side, which means cyclist is in correct position,' another argued.   

The Department revealed the correct answer was 'no'. 

'Bike riders must keep left and give way to all pedestrians on footpaths and shared paths,' it said. 

Hundreds used the forum to complain about cyclists taking up too much space on paths and roads. 

Road rule quiz involving cyclists sparks furious debate

The post sparked a fiery debate on cyclist road rules and the traffic problems they can cause 

One commenter said: 'This photo is not a real depiction of cyclists... should be 43 more in it, spread three wide in left lane with annoying strobe lights.' 

Another said: 'I have never seen a bike rider on a path, they are always 4 deep across the road.'   

One user fired back: 'Love to see all you bike-hating morons lose your licence and have to ride a bike for a couple of months.' 


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