American Trucking Association vows to keep shelves stocked during coronavirus crisis

People across the United States are hunkering down at home in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus, with many stocking up on groceries and other household essentials. Shelves in grocery stores and other retailers need to be restocked more rapidly, but the American Trucking Association has vowed to deliver the goods. “Major national crises tend to expose underlying truths about society that otherwise go unnoticed during life’s regular routines,” the association said in a statement Sunday. “They reveal the individuals among us who are truly essential to upholding the high standard of living we’ve collectively come to expect.

They remind us of America’s unsung heroes.”

These trucks are lined up outside the Proctor & Gamble plant near Tunkhannock, PA. The line stretches for as far as you can see and then some. What do they make at this plant?

Toilet paper. Let that sink in. 😛[2]

— John Johnson (@papajohn1974) March 13, 2020[3]

At the urging of U.S. health officials, millions of U.S. citizens are working or learning from home this week. “But truckers are not afforded that same luxury or comfort,” the association said. “In order to keep store shelves stocked, hospitals supplied, first responders equipped and government agencies running, duty calls the American trucker to the road.”

Trucking executives and drivers have expressed worry about what effect the virus and the possible economic recession might have on the industry.

“With all the talks in the news from the president about help for working families affected by the outbreak, there hasn’t been any talks about the owner-operator with one truck and a family,” driver Chad Childress told[4] Business Insider. “Where does that person turn to for aid during this time?”


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