Council and East Antrim MP to meet Scottish road campaigners

Elected members on Mid and East Antrim Borough Council will meet members of a campaign group calling for improvements to a key arterial route linking Scotland to the Port of Larne later this month. East Antrim MP, Sammy Wilson, will host the meeting with the A75 and A77 Action Groups, who have previously highlighted the issues they face along both roads and the need for government funding to improve the safety of those using the route. In January, Council Chief Executive, Anne Donaghy, visited Dumfries and Galloway to discuss the North Channel Partnership and identified ports and infrastructure as key areas of focus.

Meanwhile, the recently published South West Scotland Transport Study highlighted significant levels of slow moving traffic resulting in motorists making unsafe overtaking manoeuvres, lack of HGV parking and rest facilities, and much longer journey times compared to competitor ports. Borough Growth Committee Chair, Cllr Gregg McKeen, who is one of three elected representatives from Council to the North Channel Partnership, described the meeting as a positive step forward in realising the potential of the A8 in Larne as a major economic corridor. "The A8 is the main route linking Belfast with Larne Port, and Northern Ireland with Scotland.

"The implications of no investment in the infrastructure on the A75 and A77 roads could potentially be very significant for Mid and East Antrim as further deterioration of these roads may well see HGV's and haulage companies seek alternative routes."

Sammy Wilson MP added: "The Prime Minister's recent commitment to conduct a feasibility study into a bridge link between Northern Ireland and Scotland is good news for our local economy and the wider Union.

"Any major investment of this nature, however, cannot be undertaken in isolation and in order to further exploit the full benefits of such a project, investment is also needed on the A75 in Scotland, to ensure efficient and seamless travel from Northern Ireland." 

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