Heavy load to take FIVE hours to travel 17 miles from Poole Port

DRIVERS are being warned of possible disruption on two consecutive Mondays, as a mammoth 273-tonne load is scheduled to make its way from Poole Port to Purbeck's Wytch Farm oilfield. The overall length of the vehicle, being moved by ALE Heavy Haulage at 9am, is a staggering 73-metres long. Travelling at a maximum speed of 12mph, the five-metre wide heavyweight, is bound to attract attention.

However, Dorset Traffic Cops have urged: "Whilst we understand the load may attract interest, we ask that the route is not obstructed by vehicles or pedestrians unnecessarily." The route includes Blandford Road, the A35 and then the A351 to Wytch Farm. It is understood, with a fair few tricky manoeuvres to complete, the load will reach its destination, around 17 miles from the port, in around four to five hours.

It is due to leave the port at 9am on Monday, March 16, and again - taking the same route - on Monday, March 23.

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