Transport department distributes masks and sanitisers to bus crew

The Transport Department organised an awareness campaign in the bus stand on Wednesday to inform drivers and conductors of the measures to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Transport Minister M.O.H.F. Shahjahan inaugurated the campaign and distributed face masks and sanitisers to 30 drivers and conductors.

The department also directed the bus owners to ensure cleaning of the buses with disinfectants after every trip. The cleaning of the buses was to disinfect door handles, grab handles, windows, latches, seat cushions and head rests. The bus crew should also invariably wear masks.

According to a Transport official, the government has directed Puducherry Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) to disinfect all buses. The buses are being sprayed with disinfectants in all the PRTC depots in the Union Territory. The government has directed owners of private buses to take adequate precautionary measures, he said.

Transport Commissioner A.S.

Sivakumar and Regional Transport Officers K.V.

Seetharaman Raju and Prabhakar Rao were present.

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