Truck Drivers Are America’s Unsung Heroes

Our nation's health-care workers[1] are giving us a daily profile in courage as they serve on the front lines[2] in the fight against COVID-19--increasingly at the expense of their own health[3]. But there's another group of Americans out there quietly and often very much alone, working long hours to keep supply lines intact so that our health-care workers have vitally needed medical supplies and the rest of us have groceries and other essential supplies. I'm speaking of the approximately 1.8 million[4] women and men who drive trucks across our nation's highways. 

While many of us are huddled up at home to avoid getting ill, these drivers are out on the highways driving past "amber waves of grain" and our nation's "purple mountain majesty" as they travel from sea to shining sea carrying goods to ensure, bluntly, that we survive. 


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