Truck Drivers Keeping Shelves Stocked Amid COVID-19 Chaos

EAGAN, MINN. (WCCO) -- As Minnesotans stock up on food and other essential items -- keeping the supply chain flowing is critical. That's putting the nation's truck drivers on the front lines of this battle. Truck drivers like Larry Larimore are the reason you have fresh produce and meats in your fridge.

"It's definitely surreal and like nothing I've ever experienced before. Yes, it's totally different," Larimore said. As the COVID-19 battle tightens all across the country, drivers like Larimore are finding roads less hospitable.

Restaurants, stores and even some east coast rest stops are closed. "Well, I can tell you it's been challenging," owner of Bay and Bay Transportation, Sam Anderson said. His company is packing care-bags for all drivers -- loaded with snacks, apples and hygiene supplies.

That's because Bay and Bay Transport needs to keep its 450 refrigerated trucks rolling coast to coast, to stock stores with the products consumers so desperately need. "Our nation's drivers are having a call of duty like this to keep things going and keep America fed and keep people safe as our drivers go above and beyond," Anderson said. With the pressing need to keep commerce flowing, the Department of Transportation has eased restrictions on driver hours.

That's because moving food, fuel and medical supplies is vital for what could be a long and difficult fight. "We've got to keep us truckers healthy as well. It's kind of a scary situation, it really is.

So with that being said, we just got to keep on rolling," Duke Trifunov said.

Around the clock and across the country, America's truck driver are going the extra mile.

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