Essential transport truck drivers adjust to working through a pandemic

CAMBRIDGE -- While many are adjusting to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, transport truck drivers are adjusting to a different way of working while still on the road. Like many professions during this time, the changes have come as a challenge. "I physically live in this truck and trying to get it clean while being in the public every day is scary," said Michael Croucher, a driver for Wayfreight.

Wayfreight Operation Manager John Way says they've been able to secure, sanitizer, masks, and gloves for each driver. "We're hauling around materials to the United States and we're picking up medical supplies to bring back to Ontario," he said. Some transport drivers tell CTV Kitchener the adjustments to their job of getting essential supplies where they need to go has affected where they eat and sleep.

Fully operation rest stops are getting more and more scarce for drivers to wash up and find a meal. Croucher pointed out that the rest area at the Cambridge On Route was completely blocked off for tired travellers. Even then, he says the challenge has been met with pride and appreciation from the public.

"It's an important role on us," said Croucher. "No question there's stress too.

Some of our guys are definitely feeling it...but we also feel a responsibility to get it done."

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