‘Everyone Getting Their A**** Kicked’: Tow Truck Driver’s Path Blocked by Florida Wildfire

Hundreds of residents have been forced from their homes by wildfires in Walton County and Santa Rosa County, Florida, state officials have said.

High winds coupled with low humidity helped one of the fires, the Five Mile Swamp Fire, grow to 2,000 acres, the Florida Forest Service said on May 6. The service said the blaze was as yet only 20 percent contained and that firefighters would be spending several days fighting it.

In Walton County, firefighters were attempting to contain 575-acre fire that had destroyed more than 30 homes and blocked sections of Highway 98.

Tow truck driver Ryan DeBran was among those affected as the fire burned near Highway 98 on May 6. He told Storyful he was forced to come to a stop along a stretch of road in Santa Rosa Beach.

There were "large flames" on both sides of the highway "spreading fast around," he said.

DeBran said he had experience working as a firefighter, so he helped out "getting cars turned around and keeping everyone back from the powerlines." Credit: Ryan DeBran via Storyful

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