Arcus Air Group divests cargo to focus on growing business aviation

Private European airline, Arcus Air Group, is divesting its logistics division comprising of Air Cargo Charter and On Board Courier business, with the two parts of the company being sold to Chapman Freeborn. Chapman Freeborn is part of the Avia Solutions Group, the largest aerospace group from Central and Eastern Europe, with 83 branches and production stations offering air traffic services and solutions worldwide.

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Arcus Air Group is a private European airline with affiliated cargo brokerage operations at various European locations, which has been in the market for more than 45 years, with its own flight operations based in Zweibrucken, Germany offering passenger services in business and private jets. The group has specialised in the urgent air cargo sector, especially ad hoc air cargo charter and on board courier services.

The logistics division of the company is strongly oriented towards the automotive industry. Arcus Air Group will continue to operate two Dornier 228-212 cargo aircraft on behalf of Chapman Freeborn. Alejandro Tapia Haarman is stepping down today from his management activities in the logistics division.

"Arcus Air will in future concentrate on the airline and executive aviation," stated managing director, Alejandro Tapia Haarmann. To this end, the company had already added another Embraer Phenom 100 to its fleet last year - the largest Phenom 100 fleet in Europe, with seven such jets fitted with four-passenger cabins. Chapman Freeborn intends to use the additional and further planned capacities to meet the growing demand for private jet charters in the European market. "The demand for private jets increased by about 20% in the Arcus Air Group during the second half of 2019.

The outbreak of the pandemic put an abrupt end to this development.

However, it is already apparent after the first opening of the borders that this development will continue.

Taking in consideration the new environment, the safety aspect also plays a major role for people right now and the greatest possible safety is of course given when flying alone or just with family or close friends," stated Haarmann.

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