Headington (Green Road) roundabout in Oxford is confusing, says driver

A DRIVER who had a collision at a major Oxford roundabout is the latest to call for better road markings to avoid further accidents. The motorist, who asked to remain anonymous, sustained minor damage to his car at the Headington (Green Road) roundabout while attempting to cross from the Eastern Bypass to the westbound A40. He is one of many motorists to fall foul of the 'confusing' markings for Barton-bound traffic, which were changed for the Barton Park development.

Read also: Headington residents angry at sudden start to major transport project The issue has been flagged multiple times on the website FixMyStreet since summer 2017, but Oxfordshire County Council says it will not make any more alterations while work at Barton Park is ongoing. The anonymous driver, from Risinghurst, claims the markings put motorists in a difficult position and wants them to be made clearer.

He said: "There's this very weird layout and it makes no sense to me. It beggars belief. "I was just driving forward and the next thing I knew another car was in front of me and I took it out.

"It's difficult as I was obeying the Highway Code and the other driver was following the markings." Read also: Villagers fear losing their shop to new homes Cars heading for Barton are directed to stay in the roundabout's left lane, despite having to take the third exit.

This means motorists have to cut across the inside lane to get on to the A40 and risk swiping traffic following it round, which is what happened to the driver. Several reports of similar issues have been logged on FixMyStreet.

One from September 2017 wrote: "Currently it (the markings) is only printed on the road and at rush hour the road is too congested for drivers to clearly see which lane to get into. "I have lost count of the number of times I have nearly been hit by cars taking the roundabout in the central lane who wish to go onto the A40 west." According to the website, a report from July 2018 was sent to Oxfordshire County Council, but no update has been given.

Read also: The cheapest places to get petrol in Oxfordshire this week One driver wrote last November: "Drivers heading to the A40 westbound exit appear to have an expectation that cars in the left hand lane will turn left, even if they are in lane and not indicating to do so. "The confusing guide markings on the road therefore take these vehicles directly into a collision path."

Another comment from the same month added: "Signposted or not, it contradicts the highway code and common sense. "It's inconceivable why a car in the inside lane should be directed to cross three lanes of a busy dual carriageway." Read also: Dozens of parking tickets handed out after Port Meadow traffic chaos

Oxfordshire County Council spokesperson Martin Crabtree revealed there is evidence the markings have improved the junction for drivers. He said: "The changes to the road are designed to improve flows towards London and into Barton. Signs have been put up to assist.

"While the Barton Park development is still under construction we do not intend to alter the markings, as they were specifically designed to take this site at full occupancy into account.

"However we are aware of the concerns that have been raised and, as with any layout change like this, we will keep it under review.

"The early indications are that the new layout has improved traffic flows for people heading to London and there are fewer accidents now than previously."

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