SCOTT making ROBOFUEL™ refuelling system progress with AHS mining truck fleets

SCOTT Automation's ROBOFUEL(TM) is an automation and control solution, combined with the latest vision and sensing technologies providing refuelling of mine trucks accurately, safely and autonomously. The ROBOFUEL  process uses a robotic arm to refuel mining equipment to increase productive hours and efficiency of trucks, with a projected business case that demonstrates a short payback period and deployment models that can be supported by either capital or operational initiatives. Typically, refuel facilities are manned by at least one person at all times and trucks can spend up to one hour per day travelling to refuel.

As there is no manning required for an automated solution, refuelling stations me be optimally located "on-circuit" or even "in-pit" so fleet productivity can be significantly enhanced. ROBOFUEL is fully portable and is able to be shifted throughout mine developments allowing for the innovative technology to be placed where it is exactly needed, thus constantly working with the site. The company told IM that the autonomous truck installation it completed last year in the Pilbara iron ore mining region of WA achieved site acceptance in late 2019 and is now operating successfully in production.

SCOTT is also seeing strong interest from the client for further systems across several other WA operations. The next project is also underway, for another WA iron ore producer, and is due for completion in late 2020. This will include improved interfacing with the autonomous haulage system, and SCOTT is in collaboration with the AHS system providers on the system integration.

Most of the design changes to accommodate AHS trucks have been around the remote interfacing with the vehicles, and improved remote connectivity with operations and maintenance personnel.

Globally SCOTT added that there is strong interest, particularly across Australia and the Americas, and it expect several more of these projects to progress in 2020.

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