UK government still has no plan for post-Brexit truck movements

The UK government still hasn't set out how trucks moving between Britain and the European Union will be handled after Brexit. This is a planning omission that is causing concern among freight firms. Britain's decision to leave the EU's customs union means the millions of trucks that cross the Strait of Dover each year will face new checks and paperwork from next year -- even if the UK and its largest trading partner sign a trade agreement by then.

Businesses are concerned about the government's lack of preparation and the growing risk supply chains will be disrupted. "There is much work still to do in order to define the physical processes and associated data flow for lorries moving between the UK and France," said Tim Reardon, head of EU Exit at the Port of Dover, where up to 10,000 trucks arrive each day. "The next few weeks and months will be busy." The government said it is still consulting with industry about its plan for the border and will publish it in full next month. "We are continuing to develop our systems in preparation for the end of the transition period and the introduction of new border controls," the Cabinet Office said in a statement. "We are regularly engaging with industry as plans develop."


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