US lawmakers propose transportation, energy, infrastructure, education changes

US House Democrats on Monday revealed the Moving Forward Act, which combines various proposals into one package infrastructure plan. The Moving Forward Act proposes spending £70 billion to upgrade the energy grid. This investment will go towards strengthening existing infrastructure, as well as expanding renewable energy.

The bill also proposes providing more than £500 billion for surface transportation changes. This includes £1.4 billion for battery charging and hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Additionally, the bill proposes spending more than £100 billion in transit.

A portion of this money will go to putting more zero-emission buses on the roads. The bill further proposes spending billions of dollars annually for clean water. This number includes dedicating £25 billion to improving drinking water infrastructure and to removing per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) contaminants from water systems.

The increased funds would also provide grants for schools to test for lead contamination, and if needed, to replace contaminated drinking water fountains.

Additionally, the bill aims to strengthen American infrastructure in local financing, community development, housing, broadband Internet access, health care, post-service operations and public lands.

In total, the bill proposes spending £1.5 trillion on infrastructure.

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