Novo Nordisk renews with SAS Cargo

Pharma company Novo Nordisk has signed a deal with SAS Cargo for the transport of medicines. The airline pointed out that its recent investment in A350s would help the pharma company to reduce the environmental impact of its supply chain while also helping to protect products. SAS Cargo said that its A350s would offer 30% fewer emissions than the aircraft they will replace, while noise levels are reduced by 40%.

Novo Nordisk will also use flights undertaken with a higher proportion of biofuel as it has a target of achieving zero environmental impact. "Being based in one of Europe's strongest life-science clusters, Medicon Valley, has enabled us to gain extensive experience of transporting time- and temperature sensitive products. It's a great acknowledgement to have one of the largest pharma companies in the world entering an agreement for continuous transport of their most precious shipments," said Leif Rasmussen, president and chief executive of SAS Cargo.

"Our pharma product offering means we have special handling procedures and cooling facilities for the most sensitive shipments and being certified by IATA (CEIV certified) guarantees the absolutely highest standard possible." Rune Sylow, corporate vice president of strategic sourcing, Novo Nordisk added: "We are very pleased to enter into this agreement with SAS Cargo. It will ensure a safe, reliable and more environmentally friendly transport of our products.

And it will provide a distribution setup which ensures that patients worldwide can be assured that -- even in times of crisis -- they will get their medicine."

The two companies have been working together since the 1960s.

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