Overturned truck causes disruption on A47 between Swaffham and Necton

An overturned truck partially blocked a busy Norfolk road this morning (Thursday, August 13). The incident took place on the A47 between Swaffham and Necton but the road has now been fully cleared. Konectbus said its Route 11 service was disrupted due to the carriageway being partially blocked.

An overturned truck has caused disruption on the A47 between Swaffham and Necton (Thursday, August 13)

A statement by the bus service said: "We may experience delays on this service, please bear with us while we get to you."

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police, this afternoon said: "This was an abnormal load issue - cars were managing to get past the blockage, but lorries couldn't get through, and were therefore delayed.

This has since been resolved and the road is clear."

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