USA Drone Port, UK Rural Health team up for drone services in Knott and Perry counties

KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - USA Drone Port and the University fo Kentucky Rural Health are partnering in 'Project Jericho.'

"We have to prove this through research methodologically, this is what the university is helping us with, to be able to go through tiny steps and to show to the FAA, and also show to the medical community that this is feasible that this is a viable method of doing it," said Executive Director of USA Drone Port, Bart Massey.

Director of the Center of Excellence in Rural Health, Fran Feltner, said through a grant, they were able to partner with USA Drone Port.

"The community health workers are here training so that they can be certified with the drone port, so it's a new adventure one that we've not had before," said Feltner.

The drones will be used to deliver much needed medical and personal supplies throughout Knott and Perry counties.

"As you know, COVID-19 hit, some of them are without basic things, hand sanitizer, you know, masks so doing this will be a way to come in contact with them without actually coming in contact with them and getting them their needs," said Community Health Worker with Kentucky Homeplace, Carole Frazier.

Frazier is training to learn how to fly a drone to help meet her clients' needs.

"Some of them don't have a telephone, some of them don't have a caregiver or a family member that can help them, I'm like their person to go to, so it's up to me to try to help them with their needs, so this would be one way of helping them," added Frazier.

The drones not only are useful during the pandemic but during storms as well.

"Wouldn't it be neat if you could take a drone and go across that river that's risen and drop a package at their house so they have their insulin and don't have to worry about their medication," added Massey.

Massey also said Hazard Community and Techincal College has supported the USA Drone Port during 'Project Jericho.'

Read Dr. Jennifer Lindon's full statement below:

HCTC is pleased with the partnership between the USA Drone Port, the FAA, and the University of Kentucky. There are numerous opportunities in today's economy with drones for deliveries of life-saving supplies, as well as other goods and services.

In the initial project, the USA Drone Port will be helping those who are in high-risk categories for COVID receive needed medical supplies and equipment. It could expand beyond that and bring many opportunities for our region.

We are excited to be at the USA Drone Port this morning to announce a partnership with University of Kentucky Rural Health and package delivery training of PPE supplies. Project Jericho

Posted by USA Drone Port on Friday, September 25, 2020

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