Andhra Pradesh ranks eighth in road accidents, seventh in fatalities: Central government data

Express News Service VIJAYAWADA: Andhra Pradesh stood eighth in the number of road accidents reported across the country in 2019, according to data released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The state reported 21,992 accidents in which 7,984 persons were killed.

It also stood seventh in the number of deaths in the accidents.  According to the data, 4,49,002 road accidents were reported in the country last year, 3.86 per cent less than in 2018. While a total of 1,51,113 persons were killed in them , 4,51,361 sustained minor and major injuries. 

In AP, the number of road accidents reduced by 10.1 per cent as 21,992 mishaps were reported in 2019 against 24,475 in 2018. Ironically, the number of fatalities increased by 5.7 per cent from 7,556 in 2018. Also, over 24,000 persons were injured in the accidents. Of the total road accidents, 7,389 were fatal, 4,053 grievous and 9,235 were minor in nature; 1,315 others did not lead to any injury.  

NHs more dangerous  The data showed that the national highways passing through the state are more dangerous than state highways as over 35 per cent of the total accidents were reported on NHs; 2,760 mishaps were fatal. Even though the figures are less when compared to that of 2018, still there is a huge need to rectify road engineering faults. 

Similarly, over 5,200 accidents reported on the state highways in 2019, in which 2,036 people were killed.

The number of accidental deaths on SHs increased this year as 1,897 casualties were reported in 2018. 

On an average, 36.3 persons were killed in every 100 accidents, according to the Ministry's observation on the severity of road accidents. In this study, AP ranks 23rd and the officials have suggested rectification of top ten black spots identified in the state. 

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