Woman falls head-first into a trash can TWICE while rushing to catch the garbage truck

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One woman's morning turned sour after she fell head-first into her trash can twice while trying to catch the garbage truck. 

Footage of the unlucky stumble was first shared to World Star Hip Hop, where the video amassed more than 161,000 views in under one day. 

According to the video, the woman had rushed outside after forgetting to put her trash can out the night before. 

a car parked on the side of the street: A  woman accidentally tripped twice while taking the trash out from her home to a waiting garbage truck (C) Provided by Daily Mail A  woman accidentally tripped twice while taking the trash out from her home to a waiting garbage truck

As a garbage truck pulls up to the woman's home, she emerges from the garage and tosses a few final items into the can. 

She quickly props the can onto its wheels and begins rolling it towards the waiting garbage crew - but accidentally steps on its unfastened lid. 

The woman lets out a yell as she falls into the trash can and it slides down her driveway.

Her pink slippers lay on the ground behind her.

The woman stumbled over the trash can's unfastened lid and fell head-first into open containerThe woman's pink slippers fell off during the stumbles, which happened after she reportedly forgot to take the trash out the night beforeThe woman did not appear to have any serious injuries and told city workers she was okay3/3 SLIDES

'Sorry!' she shouts to the trash crew, who remain seated inside the large truck.   

The woman tries to wheel the trash can again before taking another nosedive.

As she stands, a city worker peaks out the doorway and appears to ask the woman if she's okay. 

The video ends with the trash can finally being delivered without another incident. 

 It is unclear where the video was shot, but it appears to be the United States based on the livery of the garbage truck.

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