Coca-Cola confirms Christmas truck tour is cancelled

The holiday's appear not to be coming if this latest announcement is anything to go by. Coca-Cola has confirmed that, as probably expected, their Christmas truck tour won't go ahead this year. The fizzy drink brand's festive advert has become synonymous with this time of year and for many marks the start of the Christmas celebrations with their 'Holiday's Are Coming' ad.

And to mark the occasion, the company sends out a huge branded truck across the country with people flocking to take a picture with the vehicle every year and pick up a sample. But this year, it's not meant to be. A spokeswoman said: "In light of further Covid-19 restrictions announced around the country and in line with Government guidelines, unfortunately, we can't go ahead with our annual Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour this year. 

"We know this will be disappointing for many people, but our priority is the safety of our consumers and employees. "We really look forward to welcoming people back next year when the Truck Tour returns." And people are gutted.

"Another disappointment to end a miserable year," wrote one. Another said: "Christmas is cancelled." "Sums up 2020," added a third.

But the people behind the Coca-Cola GB Twitter account have attempted to keep spirits high. In response to one, they wrote: "We know this year hasn't been easy... But we've got a bunch of festive treats yet to come!"

We guess we'll just have to wait for the advert then.

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